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Tawana Couch is Coach Raw Food. Tawana is very qualified to be your raw food coach.

Tawana has traveled all over the United States attending raw food events and lectures. She has been following a raw food diet for years now. Tawana spoke at a recent raw food lecture in CA on raw food for your pets.

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Game Plan

A great coach gives the plays that win the game. My goal as a coach is to give you the winning game plan to stay healthy. Once you have this plan then it is up to you to play the game that will give you the best health ever.

I am no longer available for consulting. I feel now that each person is able to take charge of their own health. It is entirely up to each person to work at their own health. I am giving you the winning game plan and it is up to you to play the plan.

This game plan will have you own your way to a vibrant health lifestyle. I have spent many years searching for the right path to have the best health ever. In this game plan you will have all the information to play your game at your own comfort. Letís begin now with the game plan that will let you win the health that you want.

In my years of coaching people what I found is that people need answers and directions. With so much information out there about health it can be confusing and you are left with where do I start and what to do.

I was born very unhealthy as an infant. I had double pneumonia. Life growing up was dozens of visits to the doctors. By the time I was grown i was very sick. I realized that all the trips to the doctor and drugs that I had done just did not work. I then began my journey to find the best health I could find. Through many trials and errors I finally found what I believe is the plan for the best health ever. I am sharing with you the game plan where i have found works.

The Game Plan

The game plan is simple -- do what works for you. Sounds outrageous well itís not. I have found that people will stick to a plan if they do it the way it works for them. We all go about life in different ways. As long as your goal is to stay fit and healthy then you will always work to obtain the best health ever.

As a coach here is the major play that will let you win the best health ever. The play is eating as much raw vegan food and juices you can and include homeopathy and exercise. Using these important things you will obtain great health.

Does this sound too easy? Well it is. We can worry about what to eat, how much to eat, the meal plan of the day, etc. Stop worrying and just remember to do three simple things. Eat raw vegan food and juices, use homeopathy, and exercise. Always drink a green veggie juice daily. Add a little sweet taste to it with apple, tangerine, or pineapple juice.

On this site I have listed lots of resources to help you. Please also visit my new website www.Vitalitystrength.com. On this site you will find more information on homeopathy. I am very excited about this website. After putting together this website I felt the need to stop having to speak to people about their health. It was a matter of giving the full game plan. These 2 websites have the best information to give you what it will take to help you.

You have enough information to now play the game. As a coach i have given you all the information and game plan. Go win the game of vibrant health.

I would like to add to be sure and get yourself tested for vitamin levels yearly. This is the best way to ensure that you are doing things right. You can ask your doctor to get this lab work done. Be sure and test for B12 and also vitamin D. Being a vegetarian, these two vitamins can be low. Take supplements for these two vitamins. You cannot get enough vitamin D just from the sun.

I wish you many years of exciting health. Think positive and donít worry if each day you are not perfect and you donít eat and exercise right. We are only human and guess what - we are not perfect. We can only do the best we can. As long as we try our best we are going to be our best. The fact that you are on this site already puts you way ahead of the game.

Tawana Couch

Always Consult a Doctor

Tawana's coaching is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease or health problem. You should always consult your doctor before starting any new diet or health program.