About Tawana Couch

Coach Raw Food Tawana Couch

Tawana Couch is Coach Raw Food. Tawana is very qualified to be your raw food coach.

Tawana has traveled all over the United States attending raw food events and lectures. She has been following a raw food diet for years now. Tawana spoke at a recent raw food lecture in CA on raw food for your pets.

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Coach Raw Food Reviews

Below are some of the rave reviews from Coach Raw Food's latest tasting session. The reviews are from both adults and children.

Alan Propper

Probably 90% of my diet is raw food. Every morning I start out with fruit. Almost every evening meal includes a large salad. I've been a vegetarian for 20 years, my son his entire life. He will be 6 in October. We both love avocados. Both of us are very healthy. Raw living foods help us feel more alive with vibrant energy.

I have know Tawana for more then a decade. She has been a good friend and my influence in life. I've learned a lot from her and you can too. She knows her stuff.

Barbara Hanks

I had the opportunity of participating in a raw food and education seminar presented by Tawana. I experienced the wonderful and tasteful pleasure of raw food. Tawana's exceptional skills of raw food coaching presents a new way of eating and a natural nutritional well balanced way of life.

Edmond Harding

Tasting nutritional, delicious foods without oils or grease was a nice surprise. They were not so filling and left no aftertaste. The lack of cooking maintains the values of vitamins. Tawana was very instructive regarding the preparation of the raw foods.

Susan Oakey

What a treat! I had attended a raw food seminar several years ago - but the food just wasn't that great. All of Tawan's food is spectacular! Her tortilla with all the wonderful fillings, that yummy pineapple dressing, burritos, crackers - and oh, the desserts! The strawberry pie was to die for. It is had to believe that something that tastes so good is actually good for you. You have got to try the peach smoothie! I cannot recommend Tawana's raw food expertise enough. Coach Raw Food knows what she is really talking about. Wonderful!

Ray Jenkins

The foods that I have experienced at Coach Raw Food's have really surprised me. Just imagine getting all the nutritional value of raw foods. Healthier with plenty of variety. I was impressed with my raw food experience.

Gerald Ray Jenkins

The raw food that Tawana made, that I tasted, is remarkably delicious on its own and with Tawana's coaching on how it is made and how good it is nutritionally, no one can go wrong by accepting a new way to feel the appetite of your body in the best nutritional way you can discover.

John Walker

The raw food did not look very appealing at first but everything was really great. My favorite was the chocolate pie. Also the peach smoothies were awesome.

Serrie Montgomery

Wow! What a surprise!

Food is special when it is better than what you expect (and healthy to boot). Raw can be quickly emerging as a comfort food after experiencing the taste I've eaten at the food coach diva. Tawana rules!


The food is surprising! It seems like raw food can be made diverse, deep and tasty. They are pretty good. We expect more recipes coming out.

Alex Walker

I really liked all of the raw food we had. At first it doesn't look that good but then I tasted it. I was surprised about how good it was plus it was good for you. I especially liked the pie.

Anna Walker

The raw food tastes really good!

Susan McBride

What a beautiful spread Coach Raw Food has for us! Wonderful to look at and also delicious. The best part was knowing everything was nutritious to boot — no junk food here.

The afternoon was a real treat with meeting new friends and trying new foods and listening to Coach Raw Food teach us how to eat healthier.

Mike W.

Coach Raw Food is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable raw foods coach. The food was well presented and delicious!